Cobas 6500

Automatic urine test

  • The Cobas 6500 analyzer performs a fully automatic urine test on a modular platform. Cobas6500 urine analyzer series provides a fully automated solution on a modular platform for laboratories processing 100 – 1000 urine samples per day.
  • The cobas u 601 analyzer performs fully automated urine strip testing and cobas u 701 analyzer performs fully automated sediment microscopy with the benefit of real images.
  • Both stand-alone analyzers, the cobas u 601 and the cobas u 701 analyzers can be upgraded on-site onto one platform with automated sample transportation through the entire system,with continuous loading of urine samples.
  • The cobas6500 urine analyzer series significantly improves productivity and efficiency of urine testing by reducing manual intervention to a minimum and optimizes workflow.