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The ABL9 blood gas analyzer is specially designed for critical care environments running only a few tests per day.

It’s developed with ease of use in mind, fits in most settings due to its small footprint.

Using the on-screen step-by-step user guidance, you can easily measure patient samples on the ABL9 analyzer and receive fast results on acid-base balance as well as oxygen and electrolyte status. In a matter of seconds, you have the input you need to make the right diagnostic decisions for your critically ill patient.


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Blood gases:  pHpCO2pO2

Electrolytes:   cCa2+cCl-cK+cNa+

Hematocrit:    Hct


Your blood gas analyzer designed for easy blood gas testing at the point of care

The ABL9 blood gas analyzer provides you with reliable results in as little as 77 seconds on 70 microliters of blood. Radiometer’s engineers created a clever and simple blood gas analyzer that you can easily use.

Watch the video to see how the ABL9 analyzer has been designed to help you improve patient care.