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Purite HP Water Purification System

High-quality water purification systems with a range of purification technologies.

SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd (formerly Purite Ltd.)  manufactures, installs and service standard and custom-built water purification systems for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications. Offer unrivalled design and engineering resources and experience in a wide range of water purification technologies.

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Ease of use


  • A clear touch-screen panel for easy menu navigation, providing fingertip diagnostic functionality.
  • A range of menu features that simplify operation and identification of key parameters.
  • Multiple dispense options available.


Fast configuration and installation


  • A modular, optimized design enables quick system construction and configuration, and simplifies installation and set-up.
  • QR codes for video viewing of installation procedure.


Range of technologies


  • Reverse osmosis: a total membrane process which can remove >98% minerals and >99% bacteria from potable water.
  • Irradiation: applied at 254 or 185nm to destroy microorganisms or to reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels.
  • Filtration: incorporates a wide range of sub-micron ratings, which can be used to reduce levels of bacteria, endotoxin, RNases and DNases from ultrapure water.
  • Ion-exchange: specifically selected nuclear-grade resin combined with high-activity absorbents to produce ultra-pure water quality (18.2MΩ.cm) with low TOC.


Complete reliability


  • High-quality, long-life pre-treatment modules based on proven technology ensure a consistent supply of purified water.
  • Data capture as standard.


Maximum flexibility


  • A space-saving design, with minimal external connections, makes the units simple to install and allows for benchtop, wall-mounted or under-bench installation.


Simple maintenance and servicing


  • Our range of long-life cartridge packs and consumables are easy to change.
  • Semi-automated cleaning and sanitizing routines minimize operator intervention.
  • Audible alarms for critical system conditions or routine operations.
  • QR codes for video viewing of consumable changes.
  • Service engineers are available as part of our maintenance care programs, which can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.