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XL 640

Fully automated Clinical Chemistry analyzer with throughput of 640 tests/hr with I.S.E (Na/K/Cl/Li) and diffraction grating for high resolution measurement. On board are 50 samples and 56 refrigerated reagent positions with STAT facility. XL 640 features extensive quality control, user friendly and low consumption service.


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Dispensing of Samples and Reagents

  • Sample volume: 2-70µl (0.2 µl step)
  • Reagent volume: R1 50-300 ul (1 µl step), R2 10-300 ul (1 µl step)
  • 3 dispensing probes (sample, R1, R2) equipped with liquid -level sensor and crash detector
  • Auto-dilution of samples and calibrators
  • Clot detection


  • Minimum reaction volume: 180 µl
  • Reusable reaction cuvettes

Mixing System

  • 2 independent stirrers
  • 3 user selectable mixing speeds

Quality Control

  • 4 levels of control material can be used
  • Levey-Jennigs graphs
  • Twin Plot diagrams for monitoring of systematic and random error

Reaction Unit with Wash Station

  • 72 reusable hard glass cuvettes
  • Possibility of replacement of individual cuvette
  • Wash station – cuvette rinsing and drying in eight-step procedure
  • Automatic cuvette blank measurement before analysis

Sample Tray

  • 80 positions for samples, blanks, standards, calibrators, controls and ISE solutions
  • Primary tubes 5, 7 and 10 ml, vacuum system tubes and cups
  • STAT sample with priority in any position
  • Additional tray for 80 samples included

Reagent Tray 

  • 56 positions, 20 ml, 50 ml reagent containers, 5 ml tube with adaptor
  • Reagent compartment with Peltier/air cooler (8-12°C)
  • Option to use one reagent for several test simultaneously


  • Convenient user interface
  • Connection to LIS
  • Programmable auto-start from sleep mode including automatic daily maintenance
  • Statistical methods of processing results
  • Data export in selected format

Measurement Monitoring

  • Colour indication of sample analysis
  • Possibility of monitoring the reaction in real time
  • Reagent volume monitoring
  • Informative reports on ongoing analyzer status