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Promotor RTQ 960

Easy-to-use 960 Real-time PCR instrument manufactured by Acon Laboratories.

The 960 Real-Time PCR System enables you toperform real-time, onboard PCR amplification, reverse transcription-PCR,fluorescence detection, and data analysis. After monitoring fluorescence duringnucleic acid amplification, results can be analyzed.


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·       SNP Genotyping

·       Absolute Quantitation

·       Gene Expression

·       Relative Quantitation

·       Methylation

·       High Resolution Melting (HRM)

·       Mutation Detection




·       Broad dynamic range: 1~1010 copies/mL

·       Perform up to 4-target multiple analysis

·       Peltier-based, 96-well block


·       Detection of 1 copy of template in a 50 μL reaction

·       No need for ROX reference dye

·       No crosstalk between well to well due to special optical system design

User Friendly

·       Easy to use software

·       Large color touchscreen

·       Easy to maintain